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Games Rules / Jackpot7



Jackpot7 game gives you a unique feeling of a lottery game brought just to your screen. Jackpot7 has different payouts for the various number matches. The more numbers you guess correctly, the higher payout is. Note that numbers guessed correctly should be on each line played. Correct 7 numbers pick on a line pays the Jackpot amount, which is replenished during the game. So select your numbers and participate in this easy and exciting game.

Disconnection Policy

If the connection is terminated after you have clicked Play button, the game will continue on the server. After you reconnect, use the My Account Betting History to see the result of the missed game. If Jackpot winning combination of numbers is drawn and the connection is terminated you will see a corresponding error message. On next game

entry you will see a congratulation message on Jackpot winning and your balance will be credited with Jackpot amount.

How to Play

Placing bets

To start the game you need to enter the numbers you will bet on. You can play the game with 1-7 lines and 7 cells for each line are available. For each cell a number can be picked between 1-9. You can enter numbers using number keys of your keyboard or use on-screen numbers pad. You can use Random All button as well at the bottom of the numbers screen to fill in all lines with random numbers or use Random Line button below the numbers keypad to select 7 numbers randomly for one line. When you pick 7 numbers manually or randomly for line one the Total Stake meter changes to 1.00. Every time you select 7 numbers on another payline the Total Stake meter is increased by 1.00.

You can clear the selected numbers one by one for each line by choosing a proper number with the mouse and pressing CLEAR button on the right. You can also clear the selected numbers for the entire line(s) by pressing X button located to the left of each line. The X button is hidden when the line is empty. You can also clear all the selected lines with numbers by pressing CLEAR ALL button. Note: Your total stake equals to the selected number of lines multiplied by the bet per line.

Total Stake box displays amount of stakes placed for the current draw.

If you are satisfied with the numbers you've selected, click PLAY button to submit the bets and draw the new line of numbers. If you are not satisfied with the numbers you've selected, you may remove them before the draw. To perform this, click Clear All button or use X sign on the left of each line to remove a single line.

After clicking PLAY button the numbers are drawn. The drawn numbers are displayed in the result window located to the left of the TOTAL STAKE meter in upper part of the game screen.

How to Play

Game Result

Wins are determined per line. In order to win, player selected numbers on a line must coincide with the numbers drawn in the corresponding positions. A corresponding message 'YOU JUST WON!' will appear on the game screen indicating your win amount - total win amount for the last draw. If you lose, ‘Better luck next time!’ message appears instead of PLAY button.


Jackpot7 has the following payouts per line: 0.10 is paid for the 1 correctly guessed number, 1.10 for 2, 5.20 for 3, 41.50 for 4, 550.00 for 5, and 13200.00 for 6 correctly guessed numbers. Wins on different lines are added together. You can view the payout table by clicking the Show pay table button located above the Play button. When switched to the payout table the Show pay table button will change to Show key pad button. The payout table shows payouts for each line.


If you guess correctly all 7 numbers in one line you will win the Jackpot! The Jackpot pool is funded in two steps:

  • by casino one-time deposit, which cannot be less than the payout for 6 correct guessed numbers - static Jackpot
  • deductions from each stake - progressive Jackpot. The deductions may vary depending on the total Jackpot pool amount. See table below for details.
Jackpot pool
Percent to share

The bigger jackpot pool is the lesser deductions will be taken from each of your bets. All deductions are added to the static Jackpot and form a unified Jackpot pool. If Jackpot is won, the pool will be credited with another one-time deposit - static Jackpot, which will be incremented by progressive deductions from each stake.

When you win the Jackpot, you will see a congratulation message and your balance will be credited with the Jackpot amount.

Return to Player (RTP)

RTP (Return To Player) for this game ranges from 82% to 97.5%.